The Ultimate Commuting Machine

Yes, I think I’ve stumbled upon it…the ultimate commuting machine!Front view of the ultimate commuting machine

Why such a bold statement? Let me list the ways…it’s

Clean: when the battery is charged via solar panels, there are virtually no emissions (the manufacture of the solar panels created some emissions, as does the flatulence of food digestion…oops, pardon me). The reduction in CO2 emissions, compared to anything that consumes gasoline or diesel, is even more than the necessary 94% to save ourselves on this planet. It ain’t stone age but it sure is effective!

Comfortable: this recumbent design makes it possible to ride all day long with no strain on my body while using only my quadriceps muscles (thighs), one of the largest muscles in our bodies.

Top view of the ultimate commuting machineEconomical: by being human powered with an electric assist motor, you can fuel this machine with food and solar electricity only! It doesn’t get more economical than that.

Efficient: again, the design of the recumbent, especially with the fairing (windscreen) reduces wind resistance and the electric-assist motor allows you to pedal at a near-constant pace, especially up hills! No more struggling to get to the top – you can zoom up the steepest hills at 27 to 30 km/h!

Far-ranging: with one charge, the bike can reach 70 to 100 km, depending on terrain and wind. That’s when averaging over 30 km/h. The range could possibly be extended, if need be, by reducing the average speed.

Fast: in human terms, this machine pushes the limits of safety. The electric assist motor has been limited to 32 km/h, above which the risk of death in a crash with a pedestrian starts to rise quickly. In practical terms, it can average 33 km/h (I recently did this over a 40 km ride), which is faster than any motorized vehicle can do in any setting other than a highway.

Contact me for more information or the latest report on how it is performing. And please contact your city/municipality and province to get their butts in gear to provide safe, separated space (from both one tonne killing machines and pedestrians) for all bikes NOW.side view


2 Responses

  1. Where can I get one? and how much would it run me?

    I’m constructing a trike with a newfangled flywheel biased battery life extention/faster charging system (wont go into specifics but lets say me and my team have working magnetic bearings and gears)

    That frame design is just what I would like.

  2. I had a trapezoidal bike with a brushless motor (BL 36, bike electrified) retrofit. I got hit by a car 3 weeks ago. I am feeling better, but my bike is totaled. It was fun while it lasted. the guy who hit me spaced out and made a left turn hitting me head on as I crossed an intersection. I was going slow at the time so my injuries were not life threatening. My helmet cracked, i rec’d some muscle damage and road rash, a black eye, bruises from my shoulders down to my shins. I was frightened beyond belief.

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