Viff ’08: Where has all the Bike Parking gone?

As was the case last year, the bicycle parking for the Granville 7 Theatres downtown has not materialized for the start of the Vancouver International Film Festival.

There is, however, parking for cars and trucks just outside the theatre.

Bus riders will have to walk at least 2 blocks; Spytrain takers will need to walk through construction to get there.

Ah, the City of Vancouver, so green, so full of shit.

Another cultural icon in Vancouver, the Central Library, now over a decade old, and still without covered bicycle parking despite being located in on a former rainforest and having close to a kilometer of covered space in which to put racks.

To the City’s Staff and Politicians: thanks for making it easy and so rewarding to risk our lives to get around without compromising anyone else on today’s roads or our children’s future.


2 Responses

  1. Are there no lamp posts either? I can’t picture the area.

    I find that parking is my main worry about cycling: too hard to secure, I’ve had more than ten bikes stolen in my life (lost count).

    So if the city could provide some way to make sure the bikes stay that would be a bigger help, compared to the parking space itself. For example, those bike valets that I’ve seen at the Folk Festival and Farmer’s Markets are great.



  2. Yeah, a lot of my bikes get stolen. I’ve started running but it’s too slow to get where you want, and too smelly. Businesses just need to start putting bike racks everywhere.

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