2009 Cob Building Workshop!

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Want to learn how to build your own house/greenhouse/shed/whatever?

Want to build with cheap, reusable, completely natural materials that are earthquake proof, fire proof, sound proof, insect proof, and proven to last for centuries?

Cob is the term for an earthen building technique that mixes sand, clay and straw and is sculpted into a wall.  No forms or other wooden structures are needed to build with cob.

Waldenburg in Winter

Waldenburg in Winter

From July 26 to 31st, I’ll be hosting a cob workshop on Lasqueti Island.  The cost of $600 covers all meals (3 hot, fully organic vegan/vegetarian meals per day, plus a welcoming dinner and a good-bye breakfast), on-site camping with cold running water, and full, hands-on instruction.

Most evenings, we’ll also have a discussion or mini-workshop on related activities.  Topics will include sustainable and ecologically-sensitive transportation for individuals as well as builders (we’ll also have a night of bike repair) and how to build a roof with cedar shakes (we’ll even learn how to make those shakes).

Travel days are Saturday, July 25th (with a welcoming, organic and vegan dinner included) and Saturday, August 1st (a farewell breakfast on the 1st is also included).

Everyday (Sunday to Friday), we start with an organic, wholesome breakfast, followed by an hour of interactive instructionals, then 3 hours of hands-on learning with a yummy snack break.

After a hot organic, vegan lunch, we have 3 more hours of hands-on learning and building, followed by a break to swim and/or wash up for dinner.

Last year's project

Last year's project

The host site provides examples of how to:

* live off the electrical grid,
* harvest and use rainwater,
* live well w/out internal combustion engines,
* make it easy to harvest hu-manure.

The workshop buildings will provide opportunities to learn:

* passive solar heating design,
* how to install windows and doors,
* how to wire your earthen building for solar electricity and running water,
* how to build a cedar shake roof,
* how to sculpt earthen materials, and
* how to design beauty and function right into the walls of earthen buildings.

Human-powered building is hard work.  But since there are no machines or motors on site, it is a safe place for anyone, younger or older, and interesting conversation and laughter is common.  This building site, and the materials for this building, were selected to make it as easy as possible to build an earthen structure.  The pace is casual but determined; no one cracks a whip!

Now here’s the real deal: the best (only?) way to learn how to build is to do it, and the more you do, the more likely you’ll take away a useful skill.  Think about whether six 7 hour days is realistic for you.  To be fair to the other participants (and the “team” we are also building), we will only accept applicants able to complete the whole workshop.

Space is also very limited.  If you are interested, please reply to this email (or directly to eec at resist dot ca if this was forwarded to you).

I hope you, too, can experience the magic of building with cob in community!

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