The Film Fest is on; bike parking is not!

What a great festive atmosphere in and around the Vancouver International Film Festival Saturday.

The sun was shining and the streets were clear of cars outside the Granville 7 Theatres downtown, which hosts the bulk of the Fest’s screenings.

Unfortunately, the streets were also clear of bike parking…completely.  Ellie O’Day, Media Director for the Festival, briefed me before I could even open my mouth that she had informed the City’s staff about the Festival’s growing need for bicycle parking outside the Granville 7 Theatres weeks in advance.  She was told by staff that the street is under construction and that no bicycle racks would be installed.

Bus shelters are installed.  Parking meters a block away were stuffed full of coin from cars parked along both sides of Granville all day.  Hmm.

Outside Granville 7 Theatre: note the sign shown in the other photo above the bikes

Outside Granville 7 Theatre: note the sign shown in the other photo above the bikes

Bikes are Bad!

Bikes are Bad!

I did see a sign in the window of the Granville 7 Theatre: “BIKES…Please do not store

bikes on company property.  If this conduct persists, bikes will be removed.  Thanks, Management.”  Um, just where are we supposed to park them?  Oh right, we must fuel the economy (read: kill the planet) by driving one tonne killing machines to the Film Festival.  How silly of me.

Let’s see if we can change this situation, shall we?  Back racks cost hundreds of dollars; the Worm/Canada Line just cost us over $2 billion, while the repaving of Granville and Davie Streets just cost us millions more.

The mayor claims he’s “green”; ask him to make it happen (  Geoff Meggs is supposed to be the head bicycle cheese; ask him too (  Or just email the whole band at once:

There’s almost 2 weeks left in the Festival (it ends October 16th) and it takes less than an hour to install a bicycle rack; a dozen racks would take about a day.  The skies are forecast to be clear for the foreseeable future (well, if you ignore that pesky brown cloud that thickens hourly between rains).  Is Vancouver really the world class city it aspires to be?  Do our politicians really run our city or is it the suburbanite staffers who drive to their jobs at City Hall?  Send ’em an email and see what happens!