Self-Propelled film at Fest Film tomorrow night!

Human Powered fans and doers rejoice!

The 30th Annual Vancouver International Film Festival includes a documentary called On The Line, a fully human powered journey from beginning to end of the proposed Enbridge Tar Sands pipeline to Kitimat and into 250 Supertankers per year.

Frank Wolf and Todd McGowan have made an insightful film that simply shows where and who will be affected by this insane plan to make a few rich people richer.

What impressed me is how they did this.  First riding bikes (that they then gave away!) for over a 1000km, then when pavement and gravel come to an end, they convert to hikers and traverse through pristine wilderness over the Rocky Mountains.  When riding becomes an option again, they somehow travel over seriously dangerous logging roads until rafting and kayaking are the only options to get to point where the bitumen would be loaded onto supertankers.

Not only do they show the incredible beauty of the land and all that depends on it along the path of the proposed pipeline, they bring countless stories of the humans who will be affected into the film.  One fact, that 37 jobs will be created by the pipeline while 56,000 people currently make their living from fishing in the area, was shocking to me.

Not surprising was the fact that the Environmental Review Panel evaluating this pipeline is set up to approve it at all costs.  That a Member of Parliament so plainly stated this fact on film was startling, to say the least.

I’m quite certain that anyone on the fence about this Northern Gateway Pipeline Project proposed by Enbridge (who declines their invitation to speak) will simply not be able to sit comfortably anymore after seeing this self-propelled film.

2 screenings remain for On The Line:

  • Tomorrow, Thursday, Oct 6th 7:00pm @ Empire Granville 7 Th 2
  • Tue, Oct 11th 1:45pm @ Empire Granville 7 Th 2

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