Parenting with an Open Heart returns to East Vancouver!

Are looking to refine and enhance what you’ve been doing as a parent because you just “know” that you can and that both you and your child(ren) would benefit all the more from it?

Or are you a frustrated parent floating aimlessly in a sea of authoritarian how-tos that simply don’t work for you or your child(ren)?

Maybe you have even discovered your own parents in your words and actions and wondered how the heck that happened?!

Parenting with an Open Heart is returning to East Vancouver and is all about empowering the knowledge and wisdom that every human being comes with, passed down for millions of generations, but only recently doubted and suppressed.

(Read what other parents have thought about these seminars below)

Although these past 10,000 years have put many barriers between the civilized person’s intuitive knowledge and day-to-day life, thankfully our innate human heritage remains!

This seminar series is designed to help you reconnect with instinctive and heart-centred parenting…with its joy and success!  It will revolve around you and what you need and it’s designed for all parents, care-givers and parents-to-be, of any generation.  Sure, there’s lots of information to be gleaned, but we’ll work with your life and use our lives as examples so it will be as easy as possible to Parent with an Open Heart.

Our next sessions will focus on Authoritative Parenting and add a twist of trust.  It’s very different than Authoritarian Parenting and is one of many ways to break out of the Authoritarian/Permissive box that civilized parents often find ourselves in.

Alice Miller’s work will help us understand how we ended up in that little parenting box….

On March 10, 2013, we’ll start the session with a look and demonstration of at least 3 different ways to get around by bicycle.  We’ll have a tandem that anyone from 4 and up can ride, a front seat that I call the “best seat out of the house”, and a bike trailer for one.  And if you bring your bike, you can see if the bike seat or trailer will work with it.

Then we will focus on how we can have fun any moment we choose to, and how those behaviours we’ve learned to dread are really trying to help us discover more…about ourselves and our child(ren).

And all along the way, we’ll keep in mind what we and our children actually need.

In particular, we’ll create a toolbox of tips for compassionate parents to rely on when times get tough.

Other topics that invariably come up:

We’ll focus on the positives of all these, but we won’t ignore the problems of parenting with a closed heart.

Nonviolent communication is a technique that will be used during the course of this seminar; you need not know it or even want to learn it, but it will help you discover your feelings and needs and those of the rest of your family.  It is highly recommended!  And most importantly, it will help us keep the Parenting with an Open Heart seminar space a “No-fault Zone!”

The series continues through March on Saturday evenings.  These sessions will be held in a private residence at 2105 Parker (corner of Lakewood Drive; enter from Lakewood through a gate into the basement).

We’ll begin at 6:00pm for 2 hours.

You’ll receive Compassionate Communication hand-outs and for those that register for the whole set of 7 sessions, you’ll also receive an electronic version of Magical Parent, Magical Child (see below for package info).  Plus you’ll receive our excellent and inspiring bibliography and reading list.

Admission to the first session is by donation, and I don’t want anyone to use cost as a reason not to come.  Snacks and teas are provided.  My goal is simply to make life more wonderful for more people!    And yes, children are welcome and there are oodles of toys on site!

This time I’ll be offering package rates as well: 8 weeks of sessions for $150, which includes an electronic version of Magical Parent, Magical Child and have access to our full lending library.  Drop-in is $25 per session; for anyone who needs it, the scale can slide.

Pre-registration for Parenting with an Open Heart is advised and recommended.  Simply email me at bike at resist dot ca or call me at 604.216.6700 with your name and contact info.

Again, upcoming session dates in Vancouver are Saturday, February 2nd, and Saturday February 9th.  These will be held in a private residence at 2105 Parker (corner of Lakewood Drive; enter from Lakewood through a gate into the basement)…we’ll begin at 6:00pm for 2 hours.

Here’s some of the feedback from parents that have attended Parenting with an Open Heart:

  • Superb! Thank you for all the resources.
  • I felt that the seminar was like an introduction to the majority of different concepts that together represent a natural, healthy way of parenting and living and then displayed how to apply these principles in a few specific real life examples by working through the scenarios each of us had brought.  Overall, it felt like a good way to introduce people to some new concepts and then give them some real meaning by going through the specific examples brought by each of us.
  •  I enjoyed how things flowed into each other and you appeared to let them naturally lead into what you had planned next, but also moved things along in order to get to the next topic when appropriate.  I enjoyed how you introduced it, followed with the more interactive part, and closed with a song. (and also invited any comments at any time).  I thought the closing song was great as it felt like it kinda opened up one’s heart more to the experience and getting feelings flowing so things were more open as a whole, and therefore more receptive.
  • food and snacks? Mmmmm, yum! Couldn’t have asked for better! Super yum and super yum because they were so healthy and energizing.
  • I especially appreciated your emails leading up to the seminar.  They gave me the impression that you were enthusiastic about the topic and really wanting people to come out and be engaged and that you were keen on building community, so that felt very welcoming.
  • I’m attracted to your seminars in hopes of connecting with a community of like-minded parents.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADave Olsen will be facilitating these parenting seminars. He grew up in the suburbs of Vancouver and recently built a healthy, sustainable home out of cob on Lasqueti Island.   Although he has been a consultant for almost two decades, it was his daughter’s birth 7 years ago that put him on what he calls life’s most important path: Parenting with an Open Heart.

The greatest compliment he is aware of receiving was when a close friend and fellow parent of two asked him if he had read The Continuum Concept written by the recently deceased Jean Liedloff; when he asked about the book, the friend was shocked because she said he parented exactly like the book describes!

Dave is available for parent coaching; he can be reached at bike at resist dot ca or 604.216.6700.


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