About Dave

First and foremost a father, he knows his ultimate mission on the planet is to be the best father he can be.  Reading Alice Miller’s transforming works about childhood is passion that supports this mission.

When he isn’t having fun with his daughter, he bakes, bikes, and builds and generally tries to learn more life skills to share.

Another passion in Dave’s life is writing. Transportation and surviving civilization are favourite topics; spreading the word about insightful works of art helps both artist and planet survive.

One honour bestowed upon Dave for his writing is that of Best Squeaky Wheel by the editors of the Georgia Straight:

“Best squeaky wheel

Regular folk going about their days may not recognize Dave Olsen’s name, but the mere mention of cycling advocate D.O. around City Hall has engineers and planners running scared. East Van Dave carpet-bombs city bureaucrats with e-mails (and copies correspondence to media) about anything from dangerous crosswalks…to fences blocking off downtown cycle paths during Canada Line construction. He also coined the expression “10 Per Cent Mayor” in relation to the votes garnered by Mayor Sam Sullivan in the 2005 civic election. Olsen wants some accountability. It’s a dirty job and he’s out there doing it.”


9 Responses

  1. Way to go Dave! Keep up all the hard work!

  2. Keep up the great work, like to hear your ideas regarding combining traditional housing with cob/strawbale add-ons?

  3. Greetings Dave; I received your article, ‘Vancouver’s finest example of our civilization’s insanity…’ and read it with great interest. I’m managing editor at http://www.pacificfreepress.com, where we seek permission of authors before republishing their work, and I wonder if you would be willing to grant us that privilege with yours?

    Please check out the site, and let me know if you’re interested.


  4. Hi Dave,

    Ellie here, from the Film Fest!

    1) – one less car on the road – I sold mine!
    2) – I have already talked to Film Fest about bicycle racks, what with the city’s new tree-killing re-design of Granville Street, perhaps they can work bike racks into this new design
    3) – I also work at the Children’s Festival – we are holding a meeting:
    TRIP ED – Launch event May 14 at Children’s Festival

    Transit costs are too high for our children’s educational trips. A simple outing for a class of 30 can cost over $100!
    Trip Ed is about affordable educational trips on public transit.
    Trip Ed advocates for a yearly $10 Trip Ed Transit Pass for schools, child-care centres, organized youth sports teams, and summer camps. A Trip Ed Transit Pass would allow a group (class) of children with their adult supervisors to use transit for educational trips.

    The public launch of TripEd will be happening in the big tent (#3) of the Vancouver International Children’s Festival on Thursday, May 14th from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Performers Fred Penner and Al Simmons will appear along with student entertainers and more!

    The Children’s Festival site is at Vanier Park, 1100 Chestnut St. in Vancouver. There is plenty of parking available at the Vancouver Museum and Space Centre and other nearby locations. Tent #3 is the large rectangular tent on the rise close to the waterfront.
    http://www.triped.info / info@triped.info

  5. Dave,

    I’m writing an article for InTransition Magazine about transit fares and budgets, and I’d like to interview you regarding fare-free transit. I’m afraid I don’t have your email, so please drop me a line at your earliest convenience.


    -Josh Stephens

  6. The road to success is sometimes paved with rocks, which, hit with a bicycle wheel can slow progress.

    But, doubling or tripling the number of petroleum driven vehicles, we know logically, is not progress either.

    Sometimes in the face of opposition we think ourselves alone, and that makes any worthwhile and necessary task so much more daunting. To persevere with a dream to make the world better and more sustainable is very difficult. Many people would even opt for suicide as an easier course.

    As of february this year I am a grand-father. It is my choice to stay and fight for her future, even in the face of loneliness, desolation, and hell itself. Again,.all I have to offer to other travellers is love.

    Otis Weland

  7. Thanks for inspiring the answer, Scott:
    Karen Galligos shared this information:
    Lasqueti Island: Sliammon Name – ÉÑ´÷´tay.
    Meaning: Yew Tree.

  8. Dave,
    I am producing a webtv show called ‘The DASH’ – page http://www.thedashshow.com. We’re filming a few episodes this Sunday Sep 18 and one of the topics is Free Transit (Online Party of Canada has an Issue posted where people can go and vote in a politically binding poll).
    I would like to have someone like you on the show to bring a strong perspective.
    I hope you get quick notifications on these posts here.. will try finding an e-mail address or phone number as well.

    Michael Nicula
    OPC Founder
    DASH Executive Producer

  9. Hi Dave
    Wow what a story. You have made some great strides with the environment and your passion for change.

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